No matter what age you choose to join, participating in the 'Mess Makers' program will benefit your child in all areas of their development. In each session our team strives to further cognitive, language,  physical and social / emotional development in each individual. We ensure that everyone feels safe, secure and supported, by providing you with the perfect environment for your child to grow and learn through play!


  •  Independence 

  • Imagination play

  • Body awareness 

  • Social Interaction 

  • Language Development 

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Creative Play

  • Physical Development

  • Neurological Development

  • Solving skills 

  • Cognitive Growth  

  • Heuristic Play

...along with Mess Making memories!


- Socialising with other children of a similar age. Learning how to interact and make friends. Being around other children supports language development.

- Sound experiences, listening to music, singing and playing with instruments build important neural connections for speech and language skills and they contribute to all-round development of the brain.

- Stimulating children with different smells develops brain connections and helps them to learn about the world.

-Touching new, interesting objects and textured materials strengthens the connections between brain cells.

- Sensory play is great for calming a frustrated or anxious child.

- Seeing different colours and patterns develops a child's vision.

-Bonding with your child. Spending an hour session with your child, and giving them your undivided attention. 

-Having fun! We all know how important this is for our kids. Boosting their serotonin, keeping their mood and sleeping pattern regulated.